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Rusk - Fashion+Culture+Attitude
Rusk Fashion

FASHION: As presenting sponsor of Nolcha Fashion Week, the leading showcase for independent fashion during NY Fashion Week, RUSK claims an enduring presence in the exuberant fashion world. While clothing styles may speak for themselves, hairstyles must complement and embellish. Teams of professional RUSK stylists, led by Artistic Director Gerard Caruso, reach for RUSK high-performance products and tools to perfect what's above the neckline before heels hit the runway.

Rusk Culture

CULTURE: RUSK plays an iconic role in popular culture as a preferred brand of hairstylists. Whether RUSK aficionados show up in the studio, on the red carpet or as a target of the paparazzi, their stunning looks represent all that RUSK lends to today's young and fresh, glamorous culture.

Rusk Attitude

ATTITUDE: The pendulum has swung full circle. Again. Today's latest hairstyles reach back to the past to create the new. Classics adapted with a fresh, contemporary appeal. Think traditional with an updated edge. Restrained yet avant-garde. Attitude defined by tension between extremes. RUSK's new Modern Iconic Collection was developed not just to accommodate this new attitude but to anticipate it. Respect the past. Create the new. RUSK Modern Iconic Collection.