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Maybe Saylor

Rusk® designer and color specialist, Maybe Saylor is known for her ability to seamlessly blend color and create shades that are only dreamt about. Full bio »
Maybe Saylor

Maybe's Styling Tips:

Haute Hues — Aquamarine Formula; How to Get This Look

Haute Hues — Aquamarine Formula; How to Get This Look

  • Deepshine® White Luminating Powder Lightener
  • Deepshine Shine Enhancing Cream Developer and Balancing Lotion
  1. Natural level 6. Lift to level 10 Pale Yellow using Deepshine® White Luminating Powder with 20 volume developer for 1 hour 15 minutes.
  2. Start by dividing the hair into 4 equal parts.
  3. Apply formula 1 (1 oz. Direct Teal & Direct Blue) to scalp area, first 2-3 inches.
  4. Feather formula 2 (1 oz. Direct Green & Direct Yellow), formula 3 (1 oz. Direct Teal & Direct Yellow), formula 4 (Direct Green) and formula 5 (Direct Yellow), stacking colors on mid-shaft, alternating formula, working with the lightest levels toward the ends.
    -Feathering refers to light brushstrokes of color that slightly overlap either the color above or below.
    - Stacking is applying 2 or more colors down the mid-shaft toward the ends of the hair.
Add Dramatic Color Effects Easily & Instantly!

Add Dramatic Color Effects Easily & Instantly!

  • Rusk® Deepshine® Color POPFX
  1. Apply powder to dry hair with dual-ended brush to add vibrant color wherever desired.
  2. Load brush with powder.
  3. Apply with brush.
  4. Lock in color with Rusk® hairspray